Introducing our new manufacturing partner: DIPO INDUCTION


Are you looking for a product with high-end technology and efficiency that can make your kitchen more comfortable and modern?

MerkoLAT has the product you’re looking for!

DIPO is the leading technology manufacturer of induction cooking. They are recognized for their proven quality and many certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FCSI, SICO, among others. Their induction ranges are very efficient electric heating devices where the cooking vessel (pot or pan) actually becomes the heating element! Instead of heating up a burner that then heats up a pan and eventually heats the food, Induction cooking directly heats the pan itself, eliminating both lost time and lost energy! The glass surface of the range remains relatively cool to the touch… only the heat of the pan resting on the glass surface warms it up. Contact us for more information about this technology and manufacturer. More information…Dipo (1)

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