Glastender in MerkoLAT!


MerkoLAT is proud to announce yet another addition to our linecard. This time is Glastender who joins team MerkoLAT in order to keep increasing the options we offer to you.

Glastender Inc. is a renowned cocktail station company, manufacturing in the USA since 1969. They manufacture a complete line of quality bar equipment for the bar and food service industry, and also offer a line of commercial quality cocktail station options for the home. They specialize in creating the most efficient bar designs to increase your operational efficiency, allowing you to sell more and increase customer satisfaction.

The incredible variety of products, along with their ability and willingness to make custom units, provides customers with tremendous design flexibility. Some of the products they provide are automatic rotary glasswashers, pass-thru cocktail stations, underbar stainless steel equipment, modular bar die, underbar and back bar coolers, slide top coolers, mug frosters, keg coolers, and remote beer dispensing systems. It also offers undercounter and wall-mount refrigerators, wall cabinets, beer line chillers, end-wall refrigerated back bar units, two zone refrigerators, drink rails, drop-in drain pans, wait stations, in-counter blender stations, drainboard half cabinets, drainboard drawer units, add-on cabinet bases, and liquor display cabinets.

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